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Are you a working professional who´s simply tired of his every day routine? Do you often see yourself like a lifeless robot trying to drag himself to his outwearing work? Are you looking for an outlet where you can simply relieve yourself from all those stress and breathe freely like a renewed person? If you are, then you should try embroidery.

Embroidery has long been seen as a simple hobby. Crafting fabric materials and turning them into attractive masterpieces, embroidery is indeed an art. Being an art, it entails more than a simple stitch and stroke. One needs to put him or herself into the craft so that he or she will be able to create a little piece of marvel. Each embroidery skill should also be perfected so that the embroidering will be a good learning experience.

But above all these, embroidery is a good stress reliever. Doing those small stitching and sewing up of small fabrics will relax you. The idea of touching a small fabric as you try to entwine strings to it, while you attempt to create a decorative image is simply soothing. Aside of course from the satisfaction that you will get once you finish your embroidered masterpiece, the act of doing embroidery itself is something to enjoy.

When I asked Google, it told me that stress is a physical state where we are in a certain physiological demand. It is caused by positive and negative experiences that we encounter in our daily lives. When we feel stressed, there is a special biological reaction that happens inside our body. This is then manifested in our mood, emotion and other physiological functions. Because of the chemicals that our body involuntarily produces when it is subjected to stress, our organs and body itself tries to cope up with these chemical level change. In doing so, we often find people irritated, "not in the mood", tired and restless all because of stress.
Now that sounds very complicated. I bet Google doesn´t know how to do some embroidering.

Seriously, stress is also caused by repetitive things that we do. Although our body in essence loves to do things repeatedly, there is some cosmic and unexplainable thought that if we follow a routine over a very long time, our body will try to break out, thus producing stress. Perhaps it is indeed true that anything in excess is bad for you.

Because you get stressed with the idea of stress itself, let me introduce you to the thing that can surely ease up that stress - embroidery. As stated earlier, embroidery is an art, and like most art, it has more value than the very deep and well characterized "for art´s sake". Because embroidering needs concentration, it relaxes your mind. Whatever piece you make is connected to your inner self. It is your self expression. We certainly don´t mean that embroidering is some sort of a voodoo ritual. It is part from that. But the act that you are able to craft a beautiful piece of artwork, from a small piece of cloth, from a simple need and yarn means you are indeed a one great artist and creator in your own right. Now if you won´t find that idea both relaxing and blissfully appealing, then something is wrong with you.

Seriously, because you need to concentrate as much as you can whenever you do some embroidery, your body, mind and soul acts on a certain level of synchrony. One that is unattainable from a very hard day of work. It is only thru an activity such embroidery that you can find calmness from within. Being able to create something really gives you knowledge of who you are and what you can do. It´s a soothing activity, a healthful mantra. If you are still unconvinced, why don´t you prepare an embroidery kit, you can get that easy from the internet, stress yourself, then right away grab kit and start embroidering. You will immediately understand what I´ve been trying to tell you.

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