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Embroidered gifts for your children

Your little ones are the apple of your eyes. It is natural to feel blessed when your home reverberates with their laughter and merry voices. You can celebrate the presence of these angels in your life by choosing embroidered items for them. These gifts will not only brighten your present time but also become a source of great joy when your children grow up.

Whether you opt for hand embroidery designs or machine embroidery designs, you will not have difficulty in finding free embroidery motifs and patterns for your child’s accessories. You can search the magazines and the free patterns site online.

The embroidered items for your children can be customized to match with the ambience of their rooms. By choosing pastel shades and soft fabric, you can embroider interesting and beautiful embroidery designs easily.

Here is a list of wearable gift items with embroidery designs for your children that will draw huge appreciation from your friends and relatives:

• Burp and bib cloth set for babies

This gift idea is not just practical but also very fashionable. The simple fabric will turn cute and charming when you place some embroidery designs on them. Remember to use soft colors, which can be machine-washed. When you use free embroidery patterns, you will have an eye-catching gift set at a very low price.

The burp cloth should be an absorbent fabric. You can use your imagination and use wacky designs. Embroider baby feet or the bottle designs. The motifs of birds, dogs, cats, rabbits and frogs will embellish the piece of cloth very much.

For the bib, you should use a fabric with a plastic back in same color. Choose designs that coordinate with the designs that you have embroidered on the burp cloth.

For both hand embroidery and embroidery machine designs, make sure that they feature a lot of mint green, sky blue, baby pink and butter yellow.

• Embroidered blankets

Your little children deserve the best. Hence, choose very soft, luxurious fabric for making blankets. You can make a blanket to be used as bedding for his crib or a security blanket.

Fleece blanket that is satin-trimmed is a great idea. The item will not only be very cozy and snuggly but also attractive.

For the color, get inspiration from the décor of the baby’s room. The embroidery designs should also be matching with the theme of the room.

For example, if you have had your baby’s room decorated with an animal-farm themed idea, you can choose the free embroidery motifs of farm animals or a pattern that enhances the theme of the room.

Similarly if the theme is fairyland-based, the designs having fairies, tiara, elves, druid, castles and magic wand are very good choice.

Personalize your child’s gifts

By personalizing the child’s gifts, you will be honoring his personality. Years later, when you show him his childhood items, he will be delighted to see how much you valued him as an individual even then.

You can choose embroidery machine designs for monograms or for embroidering the child’s initials, first name, or his nickname.

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