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Gone now are the days when you have to endanger your fingers by holding sharp needles. Gone now are the days when embroidery is equated with being quaint and provincial. Gone now are the days when embroidery is being practiced by old maids and lovely grandmas. If everything is going hi-tech, why not embroidery?!

Embroidery has long been regarded as an art for the non techie people. You would see introvert people making their way out hundred yards of yarns. You would often find old maids, doing nothing but cross-stitching and embroidering as she lives a very boring life. Sorry for the exaggeration, but at least that is clearly what Hollywood movies tell us. How about an old nagger wife who does nothing but do some embroidery while her drunkard husband ruins their life? 

Going back to our real subject, the look at embroidery has already changed. From the almost inhumane Hollywood rendition to the come out of the closet acceptance of it as a real art. Today, many regard embroidery as a serious thing to do.  

Look around you and you will see a lot of things that has been touched by embroidery. From the clothes you wear, to the accessories, to household and kitchen items. Did you see your 5 year old brother’s ball cap? I’m pretty sure there is an emblem of his favorite baseball team designed on that piece of clothing. Can you remember the old handkerchief that your grandmother gave you last summer? And how lovely that sunflower design was able to accentuate a simple hankie? You certainly admired that embroidered yellow sunflower design didn’t you?  

The demand for embroidered products is on a constant increase. If a few years ago, clothes with embroidery are only being worn by a handful number of people, today is a lot different. You can see people from all walks of life flash their embroidered clothes and accessories.  

Consequently, the increasing demand for this product calls for a good action – automation. And what’s a good way to do this than to have a superb machine to do the embroidery.  

Embroidery machines are far from your usual electronic sewing machine. They do have the basic features of automatic sewers but they are at par more advanced and more superior than its forefather sewing machines.  

Equipped with state of the art and digital design software, this automatic embroidery can simply do any design for you. And by that, I really mean any design! It appears that nothing is impossible with computers, and making embroidery patters shouldn’t be an exemption. If before, one needs carefully make a pattern on a cloth first before he or she can start sewing and knitting, today, the all can be done with a simple click.  

Using automated embroidery machine is simple. Patterns are moreover available in the software. There are thousands to a million readily available. The folio where you can choose for practically offers every image and design you can think of. You will not run out of designs. Do you think the design doesn’t suit your style? How about combining them with other designs? How about customizing them with details and colors? The only limit is your imagination.  

And of course there are millions more available over the internet. Classic designs such as letters, fruits, animals, flowers and trees can easily be sewn on any piece of clothing. Finding them should be easy too. Almost all kinds of image available on the internet can be made embroidered into a piece of clothing, and that could trillion images.  

What’s even more amazing with the automated embroidery is that designs that are impossible to make in the conventional manner can now be done, easily and surely. How about a Mona Lisa face embroidered on your t-shirt? Or your own favorite picture, embroidered on your handkerchief?  

Who said that old school art or hobby and modern technology cannot mix? You now know that is not true. Have that embroidered in your mind.

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